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Why Accessory Dwelling Units or a Garage Conversion is Right For You?

If you live in a home that is lacking sufficient space and you don’t want to move to a larger property then a garage conversion or Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is an ideal choice. In fact, your property might consist of a large amount of land that is sitting there doing nothing and so, this is a perfect chance to take advantage of an ADU.

What is an ADU?

Accessory Dwelling Unit – An ADU is a great way of making the most of the space that your existing home has to offer. They can transform the way in which you use your home and the way in which you live your life. You can create separate living spaces that are self-contained and independent but to be considered as an official ADU, they have to contain a living area, kitchen and a bathroom.

What types of ADU’s are there?

A detached ADU is exactly that – a detached unit that remains separate and set apart from the main property. These can be built into an existing detached garage but if they are not then they do have to meet some specific requirements. It is worth remembering that it will require new utility connection while cost has to remain in proportion to the size of the unit. In San Jose, there is a requirement that a newly built detached unit cannot be more than a single story which is 18 feet.

An attached ADU is attached to the main property and that means that they share a wall or even a roof structure. While this is an existing structure that is attached to the main property, it will still have to adhere to specific limitations.

How can you use your ADU?

The great thing about an ADU from W and W Builders Group is that you have several options regarding what you do with it. In fact, the list is quite impressive proving that an ADU is a great choice all round.

Renting Long Term

You can actually rent out your ADU as a long term rental property. This is a great way of looking at an ADU as an investment, as the rent, which can be as much as $3,000 a month or more can actually pay for the cost of the work and your mortgage.

Renting Short Term

Online portals such as Airbnb prove just how easy it is to rent out your existing property on a short term basis. If you choose to turn it into a vacation business then you can charge a daily rate, earn money and meet interesting people at the same time.

A Family Residence

If you have elderly parents who are requiring more and more care at home, then an ADU is a great option. You can have them live in or on your property while helping them to save on the cost of Assisted Living Facilities.

Turn it into Office Space

If you run your own business from home, then an ADU is a great option for separating business from work. You can work close to home and benefit from spending more time with your family.

An ADU is a fantastic option for those looking to make use of existing space. Whether they want to create a new living space that can earn money, want to take care of family or use it as a workspace, it is an option that really can make a difference.

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